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Y.E.T.I. Club

The Y.E.T.I. Club's focus is to enhance skills necessary for employment and youth empowerment. This means the program focuses on vocational skills as well as empowerment of youth through enhancing important life skills!

Vocational skills such as: work values and ethics, putting together a resume, filling out an application, using the computer and other technology as a resource for job searching, communicating via email, professional interviewing skills, proper interview attire, preparing a speech/presentation, and more.

As part of the vocational aspect of the Y.E.T.I. Club the youth will also get to go on job exploration tours in the community. These tours will introduce the youth to various types of careers as well as allow them to consider their options for pursuing work in the future. Some of the tours will also consist of going to see secondary education programs such as a tour of vocational schools, technical colleges, community colleges, and universities.

The program will also focus on empowerment of youth through enhancing important life skills. These life skills will include budgeting, keeping files, asking for help, survival cooking, stress management, self-care when you are sick, using public transportation, building self-esteem, and social media responsibility and maturity, to name a few.

The Y.E.T.I. Club also has member leadership roles that can be used on a résumé or college application. There are four main leadership roles in which the youth are nominated and voted into the position by the other members. Having these leadership roles will teach the members about responsibility and accountability; as well as empower them to feel they are making an impact in an important way!

Y.E.T.I. Club Leadership Positions:

  • Y.E.T.I. Club Secretary - The club secretary will be responsible for taking detailed notes of the meeting. Their assignment will be to type up the notes and place them in a club binder to keep records of each meeting.
    They will also be responsible for taking role call, keeping track of who is absent and who is present. They will then need to contact anyone who has missed the meeting to fill them in on what they missed either verbally over the phone or via email. Because of this, the secretary will also be responsible for keeping an up to date contact list and obtaining contact information on any new members.
  • Y.E.T.I. Club Organizer - The club organizer will be responsible for setting up and breaking down the meeting. They will need to show up about 15 minutes early and be prepared to stay a few minutes late.
    This job would require setting up the tables and chairs, setting out drinks and snacks, making sure there are pens, folders, printouts, etc. on the table for the members to use when the meeting starts. They also should hole punch all of the papers and handouts in advance so that they can be placed easily into the group binders. When the meeting ends the Organizer will also kindly and effectively delegate clean up tasks to all members of the group.
  • Y.E.T.I. Club Inventory Tracker - The club Inventory Tracker is responsible for inventory and supplies. They may need to come in on off days to look at the supplies we have available, and what we may need to purchase for the group. They will be responsible for making sure we always have pens, markers, paper, extra binders for new members, highlighters, paperclips, etc.
    They will also need to make a grocery list for snacks that need to be provided for a preplanned meeting or event (such as if the group votes for ice cream sundaes one week as the group snack, this person would create the grocery list for the needed supplies).
  • Y.E.T.I. Club Peer Mentor - The club peer mentor will be the person who orients new members to the club. This person will be responsible for greeting new members, introducing them to all the other members, will sit with them for their first couple meetings, answer their questions, explain the meeting structure and any on-going assignments, make sure they received all of the needed materials, give them a tour of the building (bathrooms, water fountain, the instructor offices, etc.). Above all else, this person needs to be friendly and kind!
    If there is a new person joining the Club, the instructors may call the Peer Mentor and ask them to come just a little early so they can meet the new person first and get to know them.
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