CFI’s vocational program, New Horizon Vocational Center (NHVC), provides consumers training to join the workforce.  Our goal is to empower individuals, build self-confidence, and promote skills that translate into independent living, employment, and peer support.  This skill building occurs in our “hands-on” workplace-type setting in which staff and consumers accomplish tasks working side-by-side.

We assist with resumes, applications, interviewing skills, and job development as well as provide training in computers, janitorial, manufacturing, and culinary.  Two days per week NHVC creates and serves meals to staff, building tenants, peers, and occasionally community members in a mini-restaurant setting.  Members learn and practice safe food handling and we are licensed by the Public Health Dept.  We also have the ability to cater fundraisers and other events.

We also provide job coaching, employer education (tax credits, disability etiquette, etc.), and assistance on accommodations for job maintenance.

CFI is also an Employment Network for the Ticket to Work program through Social Security.  This is a work-incentive program that enables people on SS benefits to go back to work with less risk.  Utilizing the Ticket provides a “safety net” for people to re-train and find employment while maintaining their medical benefits, among other incentives.

At NHVC Members will find opportunities in the following areas:
  • Job Seeking Assistance
  • Computer Skills
  • Janitorial Services training
  • Restaurant training such as menu planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking, serving, safe food handling, etc.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Resume writing, application completion, and interviewing skills
  • Community volunteering
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach
  • Transit Training
  • Small Business Skills
Our Vocational Training Philosophy

In NHVC people with disabilities are given the opportunity to build relationships, foster education and vocational skills, and to access services and support needed to sustain life and employment.

Participants of New Horizon Vocational Center are called “Members” rather than clients or consumers. This implies ownership, dignity and responsibility.

Without members the Vocational Center cannot exist. To have membership in an organization means to belong, to fit in, to have a place, and to be needed. Often people with disabilities feel outside the community. Here at New Horizon they are the community.  We strive to extend that feeling of belonging to society at large.

NHVC Program Hours of Operation
Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:30am – 2:00pm
Lunch is served at noon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to all who wish to come for a $2 donation.

Please call ahead for reservation by 10am the day you wish to join us, (970)241-0315.

NHVC Client comments~

“The day I first came to Center for Independence, I thought I could never find a job or live independently.  When I listened to what they suggested in the NHVC, I realized that I could work, be a productive member of society, and learn to live on my own.” ~Kyle Van Setten

 “CFI has been real good to me.  I got my job through NHVC and I do a real good job where I work.  I thank them for giving me this opportunity.  I love my job!” ~Bobby Mireles

“I think that New Horizons Vocational Center will give many disabled people a way to learn life skills and have fun.” ~Donna

“The people here are great. Very motivated and eager to help one another.”  ~Carmen

“It fulfills a missing need in the community” ~Dave

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