We have computers available for resume writing and basic software skill building practice. We also offer training and demonstration of low vision equipment in our low vision lab.


Training is geared toward consumer goals.  Some training, for example, includes:

I. Basic Computer Skills

  • Turning computer on/off
  • Identifying basic usage terminology
  • Mouse and keyboard skills
  • Understanding difference between hardware and software
  • Driving directions and job search
  • Basics of Word processing, such as resume writing


II. Learning About Browsers

  • What is a home page
  • Learn differences between address bar and search engine
  • Learn what links are
  • Learn about internet tool bar
  • Learn how to email
  • Learn how to surf the internet

What We Offer

The programs we use are: Microsoft Office 2007, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher and Power Point.

Screen reading and screen magnification programs, such as JAWS, System Access, Zoom Text, and other Assistive Technology are available for demonstration in our lab, or in your home (conditions apply).

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