Terms and Conditions for Deaf Services

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Thank you for contacting the Center for Independence for your communication needs. Please review our Terms and Conditions carefully and frequently as they are subject to change to reflect current industry standards. Please contact us with any questions you have.


A two-hour minimum charge applies to all assignments. Billing will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour thereafter. Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, the Center for Independence will be paid an initial fee of $110.00, per service provider, covering the first two hours, regardless of the amount of time services are used. A fee of $55.00, per service provider, per hour will be billed thereafter, in 15 minute increments.

Nights (5:01pm-7:59am), weekends and holidays will be billed at $165.00 per service provider, covering the first two hours. A fee of $82.50 per hour, per service provider will be charged in 15 minute increments thereafter.

Long assignments, typically over two hours, or specialized assignments such as platform, performance, or multiple participants engaging in discussion may require more than one interpreter. If a second provider is needed and was not requested, the Center for Independence will bill $165.00 which will cover the first two hours and $82.50 per hour thereafter, billed in 15 minute increments. The service provider will be given frequent breaks to prevent injury and fatigue. Two sign language service providers will be sent to the appointment at our discretion. Requester will be notified of the number of providers being sent at the time services are confirmed. No other services can be demanded of or will be provided by the sign language service provider. Medical providers may qualify for free services under a pilot project by Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Contact us for more information.



If the Center for Independence has to subcontract with another qualified agency to fill the requested appointment, we will charge fees consistent with the other agency’s pricing for their portion of the appointment. These fees may vary from our own. As a result, you may see two different fees for service on your invoice. In addition, the Center for Independence will charge an administrative fee of $30.00 for organizing subcontracted work with interpreters and $25.00 for organizing C.A.R.T. services. Upon request and if time allows (if the request is submitted more than three business days in advance), we can provide you with the fee schedule for the other agency’s portion of the appointment.


Travel and Reimbursable Costs

Time and travel is charged on every job with a fee of $20.00 per hour which is prorated in 15 minute increments. Mileage is charged at current IRS Standard Mileage Rates which is $.53 per mile for the year 2017. Any fees accrued from parking, tolls, trains, lodging and other expenses incident to travel will be reimbursed at cost.

Short Notice Fee

A fee of $15 will be added to requests given less than one business day in advance from the starting time of the appointment. This excludes emergency room visits.

Cancellations and No-Shows

Cancellations given less than one full business day in advance of the start time of the assignment are considered untimely and will be billed for the full amount. Multi-day assignments will only be billed within the one full business day billable cancellation period. If our service providers were to travel more than one hour to the assignment and it is cancelled in less than one full business day in advance to the start time of the assignment, the Center for Independence will still bill the full travel time to and from the appointment due to the inability to schedule other appointments during the pre-planned travel time. No-shows by either party are billed the full amount of the entire assignment and travel time without exception. We encourage you to follow through with any no-show policies you have in place for your clients.

Subject to Availability and Team Interpreting

Due to the mental and physical difficulty of sign language services as well as the standards of the industry, two service providers are generally required for assignments that are over two hours or that are highly specialized. Due to the concern for overuse injuries, fatigue and the importance of the clarity of the message, the Center for Independence will provide two service providers in the previously mentioned circumstances. There are exceptions to long appointments requiring two providers such as appointments with a lot of down time; therefore two providers will be used at our discretion. Scheduling is subject to availability.


Net due 30 days from the date the invoice was sent. Late payments will be assessed an additional 5% after 30 days. Checks can be made to Center for Independence and sent to:

Center for Independence

740 Gunnison Ave.

Grand Junction, Co. 81501

Open Access

We provide services only where Deaf and hearing people legitimately need to communicate. If the consumers requiring services are not present, services will not take place.


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