Welcome Erika !

Erika Kiefer

Erika Kiefer is a new happy face here at Center for Independence, (CFI).  She is with us in a paid Work Experience position through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. 

Erika was a little shy at first but has quickly blossomed into a valuable part of the CFI team.  Not only has Erika mastered the multi-line phone system, she is able to give anyone who comes into our lobby a warm greeting and quickly find out what they need.  She has learned quite a bit about Center for Independence and which staff member handles what type of work, which is not an easy task.


There is nothing Erika won’t attempt to do at CFI.  She dives right into any task she is given.  For example, Erika helped us get ready for our Voter’s Education and Registration Event by doing everything from making tons of copies to decorating the auditorium. 


Erika is very neat, a good organizer, is very detail oriented and has done extensive work with our Record’s Manager getting files created and organized.  

We have discovered that Erika is a Computer Wiz!  She quickly created a very splashy 259-page PowerPoint for a staff member and is currently working on a big Excel file for another person. 

In her spare time, Erika makes Origami animals and has generously shared them with us. Erika takes pleasure in giving and helping others.  She enjoys being needed.  Erika has a quiet and pleasant disposition, which makes it easy to work with her. 

As you can see from this photo, she has a great smile.  Welcome Erika!

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