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Center for Independence Mission

Center for Independence works to promote community solutions and to empower individuals with disabilities to live independently.

Center for Independence Vision
Accessibility for all!

CFI is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-residential, grassroots, State-of-Colorado certified independent living center, assisting people with disabilities since 1982.

Our Core Services
  1. Personal & Systems Advocacy
  2. Information & Referral
  3. Peer Counseling
  4. Support Groups
  5. Classes/Education
  6. Independent/Daily Living Skills Training
How We Work

Peer relationships (people with disabilities assisting others with disabilities) are the basis of what we do at CFI. People work with each other by being mentors, role models and advocates.

Our Philosophy

CFI is governed by people with disabilities and upholds the independent living philosophy that people with disabilities have the right to live their lives independently and with dignity to their fullest potential. CFI provides information to individuals and businesses about the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA), accessibility guidelines, and other technical assistance. Our Board of Directors and Staff are comprised of 51% or more people with disabilities, which gives our Center an insight in the design and delivery of our services.


In 1982 CFI began as Helen Campbell Center for the Blind, founded by five newly blind women, recognizing the need for and offering skills in survival and independent living for people with visual impairments. In 1986, services were expanded to encompass and acknowledge the needs of people with all types of disabilities. The Center now serves 11 counties within 40,000 square miles on the Western Slope of Colorado serving people (consumers) with disabilities; the majority of whom live in Mesa County.

Where We Serve

CFI is one of 9 Independent Living Centers (ILCs) in Colorado. Each ILC serves a multi-county district with plans unique to their population of consumers. We are a product of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, which was a federal response to the growing issue of disabled veterans from Vietnam and push for equal access to services. ILCs serve all disability groups regardless of age or type and are funded through government contract, private donations, earned income and grants. The federally mandated core services provided by CFI include personal and systems advocacy, information and referral, peer counseling and support, and independent living skills training. We are also a resource for parents, employers, governmental officials, businesses, and other human service agencies.

Si deseas informacion en español por favor llame a 970-241-0315 extension 12.

The Independent Living Philosophy recognizes that; all people with disabilities face many barriers in seeking to achieve personal goals, community acceptance and integration. The goal of the Center for Independence is to help consumers overcome those barriers.

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Grand Junction Location
740 Gunnison Ave.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

OFFICE: 970-241.0315
TOLL FREE: 800-613-2271
FAX: 970-245-3341
Glenwood Springs Location
823 Blake Street, STE 102
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
OFFICE: 970-718-5155
FAX: 970-340-8845
Montrose location
245 South Cascade, STE B
Montrose, CO 81401
OFFICE: 970-822-7010
FAX: 970-822-7011

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